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Take a journey to your true weight through a cutting edge ALL NATURAL weight loss system that integrates traditional Oriental Medicine with state of the art technology. Why lose weight through Oriental Medicine?


Weight-loss / Detox program to help control your appetite, improve your metabolism and digestion, and control your weight.

Obesity is a prevalent problem affecting many Americans today. It is the source of other serious health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.
At Miracle Acupuncture, acupuncture and herbal formulas are the tools used to treat the physiological and psychological aspects of being over weight. Each patient is individually diagnosed, pinpointing the specific imbalance in the body.

The individualized treatment addresses the imbalance in each body type. It is a comprehensive therapy that improves metabolism and digestion, controls appetite and soothes hunger emotion.

Auricular acupuncture may also be used, as well as electro-stimulation on local areas such as the abdomen. Used in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet, acupuncture provides safe and effective treatment.
Often, herbal formulas are given in conjunction with acupuncture to augment the effect.
Harsh herbs that drain the body of nutrients, commonly sold as diet supplements, are not prescribed nor recommended.

The herbal formulas prescribed are used to target the imbalance in a specific organ and increase its function.
Sessions are scheduled twice a week during the initial period and depending on the body’s response, the subsequent treatments will be scheduled according to the individuals’ goals. Our Weight loss and Detox Program uses a holistic approach that helps treat obesity as well as to improve overall health.
The program is designed around the theory of Constitutional Medicine, which determines treatment according to the individual’s specific body type.

The body types are categorized based on the individuals’ specific nature, appearance, psyche and internal organ functions.
Appropriate diet is recommended according to the Constitution of the individual.
The recommended diet plan selects foods that can bring healing and compensate for weaknesses in different body types.
Along with Constitutional diagnosis, Detoxification Fasting is incorporated to cleanse the body from toxins and to promote weight control.

  1. Treating the root of weight gain: Oriental Medicine views weight gain as a result of poor circulation, decreasing metabolism, and the body’s inability to get rid of toxins. These conditions are brought on by indigestion, poor energy flow, constipation and edema. By finding the cause of these things will not only find the root of weight gain, it will treat the underlying illnesses the body has been fighting.
  2. Customized Treatment: Using the Body Type theories as a springboard, we do a thorough analysis of how lifestyles impact the body in his or her environment.
  3. Yo-Yo Factor is Lower: Simply reducing calorie intake will lower the body’s water level and muscles, allowing the body to lose weight in a relatively short time. However, once the body returns to receiving more calories, the weight can quickly return and sometimes even more than originally. Oriental Medicine targets reducing the fat in the body and thus has less incidence of the yo-yo factor.
  4. Natural and Healthy Without Side Effects: Ads may claim that someone loses 30 pounds in four weeks, but it can be at a cost of hair loss or even anemia. Engaging in such unhealthy dieting destroys the body’s balance and can bring other health problems down the road. We never use hormones and drugs, but only natural herbs that will have little to no side effects. (Rare instances of mild side effects such as diarrhea or headaches can occur, but they can be quickly eliminated by adjusting the herbal prescription.)
  5. Stress-Free Weight Loss: Our natural weight loss program is not a calorie reduction method, but an increase in metabolism through acupuncture and herbs. It allows you to eat three regular meals a day and encourages light to moderate exercise.


  1. In-Depth Analysis of Weight Gain Causes (An Eastern Diagnosis) Using the state of the art Body Composition Analyzer, we first determine accurate levels of fat, water and muscle mass in every part of the body. This is followed by a thorough physical exam using Oriental Medicine principles and a detailed survey to identify the patient’s Body Type.
  2. 100% Natural High Quality Herb Prescription (Healing the Body) An herbal formula appropriate for the patient’s Body Type is prescribed that targets weight loss and breaks down fat while performing the most important task of healing the body.
  3. Ear Acupuncture (Controls Hormone and Stress Levels) Hormone levels are naturally controlled by applying herb seed patches to the ears, which also help to reduce the urge to eat from stress and other emotional factors.
  4. Electro-Acupuncture (Burns Fat and Firms Up the Skin) Safe levels of low electric currents are applied to burn fat in problem areas such as the lower abdomen, buttocks, waist and lower arms. This is a powerful yet gentle method that breaks down high fat concentration by agitating the fat layers. And since fat has less nerve cells, you will experience little to no pain or side effects.This treatment also firms up the areas where weight loss can typically leave loose and unattractive skin.
  5. Cupping (Detoxification) Areas of the skin are suctioned to bring blood flow to the surface, promoting circulation and detoxification. You will receive a modern upgraded version to this traditional method where its application to weight loss is optimal.
  6. Nutrition Consultation (Detailed Lifestyle Plan) Upon a thorough and accurate diagnosis, you will receive a detailed guide on the best foods and food preparation for your Body. It is highly comprehensive and is based on your Body Type, health history and lifestyle.
  7. Acupuncture (Increases Metabolism) By restoring the body’s imbalance, acupuncture can greatly increase metabolism and help your body to disseminate the nutrition all naturally from the foods you eat. Most patients need only a few acupuncture needles for each treatment and many experience a sense of relaxation as the body becomes more balanced.
  8. Moxibustion (Boosts the Immune System) This method applies heat to specific areas of the body using the mugwort herb and distributes warmth to extremities like cold hands and feet. The warming helps the immune system to fight illnesses by also treating imbalance in the body.

Struggling your weight?
Battling your weight?
Suffering from digestive and skin problems?
Feeling sluggish and stressed?

No, you don’t need a miracle. You need a visit to Miracle Acupuncture. Everyday,we are exposed to a host of toxins. Harmful chemicals and substances that diminish our body's natural defenses. This body cleansing deal is just what the doctor ordered. Miracle Acupuncture's Detox Weight-Loss Program helps strengthen your metabolism through acupuncture and customized herbs only for you.



Electro-Acupuncture burns fat in specific areas and makes burned fat turns to energy source. Ultrasonic Cavitation procedure for elimination of fat cells & cellulites.

Electro-Acupuncture burns fat in specific areas and makes burned fat turns to energy source. Ultrasonic Cavitation procedure for elimination of fat cells & cellulites.

Breaking Fat Cells

Breaking Fat Cells

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